Group Sharing Packages (Min 10 people – Lunch or Dinner)

A less formal style of dining where all the food is placed to the centre of the table and guests can self serve to their own plate by passing the packages around the table without leaving their seat. Served in foil containers for group sharing and all with disposable cutlery and napkin.

Sharing Package 1

$29 per person

Fresh Turkish salad, Turkish rice,
lamb skewers & chicken skewers
(2 Skewers per person)

Sharing Package 2

$32 per person

Dips & fresh Turkish bread,
zucchini balls & yoghurt sauce,
parm chicken fillets & aioli
dressing, fresh Turkish salad,
Turkish rice & mix of lamb &
chicken skewers. (1 skewer per person)

Sharing Package 3

$34 per person

Roasted seasonal vegetables,
Turkish rice, roast lamb or beef
with gravy and chicken tenderloins
in creamy mushroom sauce

Sharing Package 4

$34 per person

Fresh Turkish salad,
Turkish rice, kofte meatballs
with tomato salsa, chicken
thigh marinated in herbs,
grilled lamb cutlets and jus.

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